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3D wall quote





1. First, I picked up all 25 8-inch, paper mache letters from two separate Hobby Lobbys. (Yeesh). I arranged them on the floor fun fun to see an arrangement that would work best. I tried left-aligning the entire thing, centering and ended on the idea of justifying all the lines to create a blocked quote.

2. When I had an arrangement I liked, I took them outside and gave them all several coats of white spray paint.

3. I know, I know. Why not a bold color? Ultimately, I want the studio to be a place where I can not only work and paint but also photograph my art and such a large installment needed to not reflect any color onto the opposite wall. Also, and more importantly, I really dig the white-on-white look.

4. Starting with the top line, I played with the placement of the letters until it was centered on the wall. Once I had this line just as I wanted it, it became my guide.

5. For the second row, I started out making a light pencil line on the wall with my level (a laser level would be dynamite for this project) and placed the first and last letter lined up under the top row of words. Then, I just filled in the remaining letters.

6. Initially, I used masking tape to temporarily hang the letters so that I could make quick adjustments to placement.

7. Once I had each letter exactly where I wanted them, I stuck two heavy duty velcro squares cut into half-inch(ish) pieces to the back to hold up the light-weight letters for the long term.

8. The final look is just how I imagined it. I actually used this idea in a mood board for a client who needed help designing his office break room. I couldn't wait to get it into my own home.


This project can be as cheap or as expensive as you want it depending on how many letters you need/want. This quote came in just under $75. Each letter cost around $2.50 + $5 for spray paint and $6 for the velcro. But for something this large and this personal, it feels completely worth it.


Do you see any 3D wall quotes in your future? Can't wait to show you the rest of the studio tomorrow!






Tillbaka till starsidan